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Pencil Jammers is one of those rare islands where you meet amazingly talented, humble and open people. In fact, to date, I don't recall seeing a single flame war on our community. Not only has Penciljammers become an awesome place to improve your skills, it has also turned out to be a space where you meet simply amazing people. Thanks to you, Pencil Jammers is doing what a good community ought to do. Helping each other grow!


If Pencil Jammers has worked for you, here are a few ways you can give back to the community.


Group Moderation

Adopt a group on Pencil Jammers. Groups are small areas devoted to specific studies. If you are good at one of the group subjects, you can apply to be the moderator of the group.

As a group moderator you will have maintain and grow your group. Perhaps you can share new links to painters every day, Organise Challenges, or write articles with tips and techniques.

To apply for the position of Group Moderator, simply add your comment below indicating the group you'd like to moderate.


Blog Posts and Articles

Blogs are an important source of inspiration and information for Jammers. If you wish to share the works of an artist, have tips and techniques to share, announce contests or want to convey important news... write a blog post. The more you write the more we learn!


The Critiques Thread

If you are an experienced artist, please become a member of the critiques and Feedback Group. Many Jammers who are new to drawing often post there for help and a few minutes of your time will help them tremendously. Keep an eye on the group and jump in to help whenever you can.


Starting a Weekend Drawing Club in your city

Another great way to help the community is to start a drawing club within your city. There are already Pencil Jammer clubs in some cities like Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore spreading the love for drawing. These drawing clubs are an important source of inspiration and hands on work for the community. While our Virtual community is great for updates, these real world communities are where we actually meet each other, exchange tips, drink in advice and paint together. If you'd like to start a club in your city, simply comment below.


Donations / Sponsorships for Struggling Artists

While Pencil Jammers does not accept cash or donations of any kind directly, we are considering putting together an Art Materials and Education fund for struggling artists who deserve support and in an outreach program for educating School Children in drawing skills in small towns. Ideally we'd like contributions to be in art materials and peripherals, art books, instructing time, sponsoring lectures & visits etc. Cash/cheques/DDs are difficult for us to handle at this point, but we hope to set up a trust to handle this soon. If you would like to contribute to this fund or bring in a sponsorship from your Company's CSR initiatives, please message me.


Promoting Pencil Jammers

Pencil Jammers is unique for two important reasons.

  • It is a club devoted exclusively to traditional media. While digital art is welcome, our emphasis on traditional art helps newcomers get to grips with media, material and techniques which are important foundations to drawing well.
  • Our emphasis is on representative art which is why you will see very little abstract art on this site. By focusing on figurative, landscape, still life etc. Pencil Jammers helps artists grow their skills which they can use to abstract later!

While a more open framework will allow for quick growth of the community, it will also attract trolls, spammers and other weirdness. Also due to it's low key nature Pencil Jammers is still relatively unknown. You can help us by promoting Pencil Jammers in any way you can, and help the community grow with genuinely like minded people. Those who really care about drawing!

  1. Tell your friends in the media to write an article about the Pencil Jammers community.
  2. Print out a few leaflets with the message "Draw Together" and the URL and post them around town.
  3. Post a message on your company, school or society Notice Board.
  4. Call a few friends over for the next weekend Jam.
  5. Blog about us or share the penciljammers link ( within your community, group or friend's list.
Many thanks for reading this so far. Help our community grow and support each other.

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  • Hi..

    im new to Pencil Jammers.. joined in jus today..

    Well.. i hv posted my sketches.. need expert opinions.. as to how i can improve on my sketches..


    Ravi Naik

  • I want to start a sketch-club in Mysore... Going alone for plein air painting in weekends is getting monotonous... I tried to pull in  people into this but most of them I know are not exactly from Mysore who usually go to their home towns during weekends...
    • Mahesh, please give me your mail id. I have spoken to a friend who runs an online community in Mysore to post @ Penciljam & help you get people to weekend jam. I will send you his contact number. 


    • I know what you mean. Have you tried putting up a note on the local arts college noticeboard? Getting the word out is important. I will request Anil to see if he can. He visits Mysore often.


      BTW, I love that you paint alone regardless of who joins or not. That is the right way. Drawing always first, social later! :)

  • surely we will do...!
    • Thanks Bharani! You always support.
This reply was deleted.