Does anybody living near or around whitefield/marathahalli want to meet up 3/4 times a week to practice figure drawing? We can meet up for an hour or more, do 10-15 min poses for each other. My main motive is to practice getures and figure drawing observing a live model. Maybe once things get going, we can do a more leisurely 1hr study..

venue can be anywhere around marathahalli or whitefield, public place or in someone's home.

anyone interested?

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  • would like to join in whitefield drawing group . please update . akarfaart@gmail.com 

  • Just saw this now . I'm in Whitefield  and interested in figure drawing  and outdoor sketching . Do let me know if you are forming a group 

    • hi  @prithi amarnath , are you having any drawing group in whitefield ? please let me know 


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  • Hey, Saw the post now. I am interested in real-life figure drawing meetings, especially if its in Whitefield.

    I love drawing human figures... hopefully we can connect and do something about it.


  • Hey Priya, 

      I'm interested in figure drawing and I'll be more than happy if its around whitefield.

    Here is my email id : s_anandsai@yahoo.co.uk

    Thank you


    • hey! i've emaild you

  • Hi Priya,

    Got to see your post just now. Infact i was looking out for a group who would be interested in 'life drawings' on the alternate week ends, 

    So if incase you have progressed in forming a group, please do convey (nbwalcom@gmail.com)


    • hi, no. no progress yet. but there are some interested folk. I'll keep you posted if there actually is a meetup


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