• I am not familliar with hyderabad. I come here dor two months on and off. I once went to art exhibitions far away at Jublee hills banjara hills etc..and was lost!! So it is going to be difficult!! Miss being in Bangalore!!!
  • Thanks! George. I have made a request on your link of photos...lets see! Nice photos tho of Hyderabad meet!

    Vasanti gopal rao
  • Hi Vasanti,

    It tends to be an on and off affair in Hyderabad. Mostly because there isn't anyone who consistently organises it there.

    Some photos of a session at Firefly studios from one of the jams.

    Let me know if you organise one when you are there.

    Sunday Pencil Jamming at Firefly studios, Hyderabad.

    Posted by Pencil Jam on Sunday, July 29, 2012
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