Dear friendsI was very much looking forward to todays meet at Rangashankara. I waited from 9.00 am untill 9.45 am no one turned up! Even the security at Rangashankara did not know of any such event. As this was my first time and I have become a member of Penciljammers just now , i was hoping on getting to know more artists.Do please let me know when will we meet again! I did not have any phone no. To contact.Warm RegardsVasanti RaoMember Penciljammers

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  • You know what, why not all us jammers exchange tel nos and plan and meet ...see folks like me dont know anyone...but i still went around asking any guy are you from pencil jammers?? I had more than my quota of dosa coffee and akkiroti at adithya...everytime i took a chakkar around rangashankara!! jamming we will meet pucca and compensate ...more the merrier...can we circulate a list with names location of residence and tel nos? I live in JPNagar brigade millenium, vassanti and tel 9880267851

  • Guys,  

    After going to the place announced , u need to search around at least for Aditya (all most regular jammer :-))  Excuse me Aditya if I am wrong...:-)

      somebody will be drawing/sketching  in some corners. U need to go to them and talk directly, if ur new. Last Jamming was very poor, because less ppl. Because of Akhila, who kept on talking.. made us  non-boring  along with Dinesh's instant cartoon laughters..

    even I was seraching till 11am,  in nearby "Aditya hotel" aswell in the near by Playing ground,   ....actully all jammers came late at Rangashankara  :-) 

  • sunday  i came to Ranga Shankara at 11.15, But didnt found anyone there...where u were all.?..i asked security gaurd regarding event..he told didn't knw about any event...

    when will be next jam?

    my phn no:7411036424.

  • Thanks guys! Feel so so bad I missed all of you....when are we meeting next? must meet and draw.. But please either call me or email as I am new and dont know any one of you did not know who to contact... My cell no is 9880267851
  • When N Where Is D Nxt Jam?
    • Tnx m jst new here so exploring things
    • The next jam will be announced on the PJ website by Friday.

  • Oh, I came by 11.0 Am, but, Jeevan, Nanditha, Chandrashekar & Aditya were already there. Dinesh, Jeevan & I were there till 4.20 PM. Just find a comfortable place with a nice view & start sketching. The PJers will come & talk to you Or if you see some one sketching, you just walk up & talk :) See you at the next jam!

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