As I'll be doing my architectural thesis next semester the topic I'll be working on is Transformable/moving Studio for an artist.

As far as my knowledge, artists are explorers. They visit places and try to capture it all in that canvas of theirs. And in this era, it is pretty hard to survive in the fast moving world. So, i decided to design something that's movable and transformable.

Imagine, you feel like painting the rocky hills and rushing waters of Ladakh. Its a different story when u have to travel my buses, taxi's, air planes to reach the place! spending so much on ur travel, your accommodation, food, etc. But what if you could travel all the way with your art equipment, your art studio, your bed, your kitchen and everything that you love! No, I'm not talking about a vanity van here. I'm talking about a space of your house that can be moved to anywhere you wish! 

This space can be transformed according to your requirement! You want to work on your art? the space transforms into a studio, you want to take rest? transforms again! You want to teach the local people ? the space transforms into a classroom, or u just want to display your art? there you go, an exhibition space for you.

Would you want to own such a space? A space that's earns you a living, saves money, saves energy, promotes art, teaches art. what not!

I really want to do something for you artists out there! But to get started i need your comments. I need to hear from you all that you would enjoy owning such a space! Only then i can take this as my thesis project and work for it :) 

Please let me know your views! :) thank you

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  • How interesting! 

    Renoir had the same problem too. As an impressionist he needed to be outdoors in the ambient sunlight. But his arthritis got so bad that he could not travel much. He ended up building his studio in the garden surrounded by greenery, a sort of glasshouse that let in ample amounts of light.

    Your concept sounds very cool, especially if I could relocate my studio wherever I wished. I used to dream of a little van that I could fit with my tools, editing system and a small space to sleep. This beats all of that!

    A resounding YES go for it. I'm very interested in understanding how you will eventually deal with mobility and appropriate building material. All the best!

    • Yes, I'll keep you updated on the progress! thanks a million for taking time to reply... :)

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