nose crunch reffrences

 Prosenjith asked for it :D

hope its ok to post here...




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and oh the rules are jus for the kicks :D




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  • Thanks guys. If i got the resemblance, lets just say i got lucky :-)
  • haha.. that's sweet of you.
    • sure :D
      • So, you think this fits? Not very good with portraits.



        • I wish I was this "bad" with portraits! :-(



        • this is suppa cool!!!!and u say ur not good with portraits!
        • That’s a super sweet scrunch! Lovely work, Arun :D

          I tried doing a toony version of the same ref yesterday, but couldn’t quite get a likeness :o(

          Perhaps another try after being inspired by yours :o)

          • This is too good... and you say you're not very good with portraits! Just wonderful....!!
            • Thanks for you kind comments guys :-)
  • Hehehe, so this is where it all started!! Certainly worthy of a (cute) toon :D
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