Greetings from Friends of Elephants!
We are an informal group of people, coming together with varied expertise, who are concerned about elephant conservation and welfare. The group is a forum for disseminating knowledge linked to elephant science, conservation and welfare. The objectives are many fold, one among them is to conduct events, on a monthly basis, at a centrally located place in Bangalore where people from different walks of life – children to the aged-every one can come and participate and get empowered; and how they - even as laymen - can play an important role in elephant conservation and welfare.

We are conducting an event - 'Painting for Pachyderm' on Sunday, 21st December at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre, MG Road. The aim of the event is to explore the role of art in spreading awareness about conservation and welfare of wildlife, especially elephants. 


A painting competition for children (Session 1 - 8-15 years; Session 2 - above 15 years) is being organized between 11am and 1pm on the theme 'Elephants and their forest'. Please bring your children to participate and gather knowledge about wildlife and wildlife conservation, while also having a blast. 

We are proposing an on-the-spot painting/sketching event by artists in front of a live audience between 4.30pm and 5.30pm on the theme of 'Elephants and their habitat'. The art work from the event will be displayed in an exhibition/sale on a later date and the proceeds from the sale would go to the contributing artists themselves. 

This is an invitation to any of you artists who would be interested in giving a live demonstration during the on-the-spot painting event. Please get in touch with me on email ( or call me on 9845908311 for more details or to confirm your participation.

We have also invited a few artists from the field  for a special event to speak on the theme of 'Art and Elephants' which would be followed by a panel discussion between 6pm and 8pm. 

A biodiversity wall is going to be on display from 10am to 5pm for anybody to make a silhouette or sketch of any wild animal in India and stick it on to the wall to make a collage. 

We also invite you to contribute to the Biodiversity wall and/or attend the Special event to be a part of an interesting and invigorating discussion. 

Here's a link to the facebook event page

Please do let us know if you would be interested and kindly confirm at the earliest. 

We would deeply appreciate your support for our endeavour.

Thanks and regards

Anupama Udaykyumar


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