Penciljam Monthly Roundup - Dec 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho! Season's greetings ye drawers!


3275169446?profile=originalThe Penciljammers Site

Here is the first of a monthly series of roundups of what's going on at the Penciljam community. The size of this site has grown and members often use barely 20% of the resources that this site offers. Late last month, we cleaned up the site's look and feel and rejigged the front page to make it more comprehensible. Is it? We'd like your feedback. 

For the newer members, Here is a primer of sorts to get to really work for you.


3275169610?profile=originalStudio Programs and Workshops

You know by now that we have also set up a physical Pencil Jam drawing studio in Bangalore. We test ran a few workshops and courses on drawing. We hope to launch this full scale next year. So if you are in Bangalore or are visiting, make sure you check this page to see if there's a workshop for you.

Also, our 100 day program starts in Jan 2011 and if you'd like to really ramp up your drawing skills, give it a go.



Weekend Sketch Jam in your city
Our Weekend Pencil Jamming sessions are quite popular in Bangalore and a regular group meets to discuss each others work and sketch the theme of the day. We'd like to kickstart this in other cities as well. If you'd like to start weekend jams in your city, send this fine chap a message.



Moderaters Wanted

We're looking for experienced member artists to moderate some of our groups on specialised drawing subjects such as watercolour, basic drawing etc. If you'd like to run a group here on Penciljammers, get in touch.



Drawing Teachers Wanted
We're also looking for some experienced art teachers to work with us at thePencil Jam - Visual Thinking Institute.We're looking for exceptional skill and great communication abilities. This is a REAL career in art. So, get in touch.


3275169710?profile=originalHelping Pencil Jammers Grow
We hope is helping you grow as an artist. You in turn can help the community grow, and here is how.
  1. Research and write thoughtful blog articles on Drawing, Perceptual science or art. Remember, there is a member out there who is waiting to be inspired.
  2. Upload videos on drawing concepts and techniques in the Techniques section. Remember to tag them carefully so members can run searches on key topics.
  3. Invite your friends to make this community grow. The diversity in approach will help build an amazing body of knowledge.
  4. Suggest to your friend in P.R or to your contact in the media. Our views on drawing are unique, and we have to be heard. Even blogging about us helps.


So, until the next update - Happy drawing. Here's hoping Santa brings home that Windsor & Newton watercolour kit and has you painting into the wee hours of the new year.
Season's Greetings!
George Supreeth

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    Thanks very much to PencilJam for creating this wonderful and inspiring community ofdrawers!  And looking forward to lots more drawing (in all forms), in the coming
    brand-new year!


    Cheers! :D



    • Thank you too Dinesh. Let's do some great stuff next year.
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