Visual Art Instructors

3275222317?profile=originalQuiet a few people, individuals, organizations are constantly looking out for art instructors. These include full time, part time opportunities. We decided to build a separate section with instructor details. This is the beginning of that list.

You may be a specialist in any Visual arts field or in a specific medium, this includes digital.
Some example are : Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics, Graphite, Portrait, Landscape, 3D, Illustration, Design, Character design, Visual-effects, Architecture, Realism, Children book, Pen & Ink,  Vector illustration, cartooning,etc.

If you are an art instructor/teacher go ahead and comment in this thread in the following format

Portfolio links:
Experience of (in yrs/months):
Age Groups:
I am a : (full time/ Part time) Instructor
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Great! This is a good start!

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