WDC @ Nrityagram

It was a great day. Perfect weather for being outside. A tempo traveller full of eager artists. Lovely Nrityagram resonating with music in the rustic setting.....

Here is the fountain pen sketch I started and then completed at home.


Here are two that I made from photographs. After I completed the pen drawing there was yearning for colour and I added some dashes of it.


Here is the one with some colour.3275218000?profile=original

Here are some photographs of Nrityagram





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    • Beautiful! The picture draws the eye in and the colours are very pleasing. 

      • Thanks Meenu, Smitha, Anil, Dhruba Balaji Sir, and Chandra for your feedback.

    • good one!

    • Lovely!

  • Great detailed pen sketches Anil, I'm glad you started this discussion.

    • Thanks Nandita. NOW I am glad too with all the works to be seen together

  •  Sunday started early for most of the jammers, and it was nice to see a good number of fresh-faced, eager jammers (after a long time), gathered at Cubbon Park.  
       Quaint stone constructions, thatched roofs,  very 'village' inspired, the place has a lot of charm.  For those who do pen and ink and detailed sketches this is the place to go.  Various textures, little niches housing small statues, images under shady trees -will have them salivating.

       A temple to the late Protima Bedi is at the entrance, near the yoga centre.  At the ticket counter we were
    informed  about the layout  of the place and the rules. Many were disappointed that permission was not granted
    to sketch the graceful dancers.  

       There were the Gurukuls where the dancer's were practicing- the senior's at Raymond Gurukul
    and the younger kids at the Children's Gurukul.  After a group photo we all dispersed to investigate,
    some going in to see Danseuse Surupa Sen coaching the seniors, other's getting started on their sketches.

       Since the place is closed on Mondays and public holidays, and the timings are 10 am to 2 pm, anyone interested
    in checkng out the place would do well to find out the details. 

    A few photos from the jam:

    3275413603?profile=originalStopping for breakfast.

    3275413558?profile=originalSymbolic sculpture  - Women holding up the earth, at the entrance.


    3275413600?profile=originalThe amphitheatre where 'Vasantahabba' is held once a year.


    3275413667?profile=originalJammers absorbed in sketching

    3275413776?profile=originalDetail of the roof in the shelter.

    3275413731?profile=originalOutside Raymond Gurukul where the Seniors were being coached.


    3275413807?profile=originalTime to packup - checking out everyone's work

    3275413832?profile=originalThe guest cottage

       George was walking around taking candid photos of jammers, I am sure that he will upload those soon.

    • Lovely documentation Nandita. As always I enjoy reading your summary of the event :)

    • I enjoyed reading your account of the event Nandita, and viewing your lovely photographs.

    • Beautiful place, beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing, Nandita.

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