• This is an event that I would have loved to attend. I lived around the corner from this church many years ago and have always been fascinated by many of the buildings in this part of Chennai, including this one. In fact I signed up for it but had to pull out at the last minute.

    All three sketches that you have posted are very nicely sketched, and very interesting too. I like the way you have sketched the dome of the church, the tree, and the overall composition in yuor sketch of the Armenian Church. Your colour sketch has many nice details and it highlights a little known fact of history. And finally, I would have not guessed that the third sketch was a fusion sketch but for your "confession". :)

    • Ha ha, I agree I would not have guessed the fusion in the third sketch either :)

    • Thank you Balaji.

      Missed you and Kalpana that day. We should go again.

  • The Armenian Church had been put up as an event by Francis, who had got permission for CWA to gather

    and sketch. we arrived early and set to work. What an oasis pf peace in busy George Town. Tucked away on Armenian Street, you almost miss it, as its right in the beginning of the street. People wandered around looking at the graceful bell tower, church, old graves and inscriptions. Tablets on the ground. I found a fascinating one- a memorial to the  creator of the first Armenian Journal in the world- published in Madras- by Rev.Arch Priest Haruthiun Shmavovian- 1750 to 1824!


    Then as I wandered around admiiring others at work, I was particularly excited that my best friend from school, had joined us today.She does not live here, but was visiting.Hopefully she will share her sketch here soon.

    There were a couple of senior mascots- a cock and hen , preening around and looking disapprovingly at out intrusion.

    Got the resemblence of one of them..but  found them moving so constantly, started drawing the hen and fused the cock into the same sketch! (Unisex?).. a truly made for each other couple who have fused into one!


    • Lovely works and a great write up Nithya. It almost feels like I was there :)

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