CWA @ Mamallapuram - 10th Nov 2013

It was a blast from CWA @ Mamallapuram today!
Our first out of city experience at a historic location. 
We all gathered near Arjuna penance around 12:30 after sketching at various places. Balaji, Nithya, Kalpana, Prabha and Ashok came from five rathas. Jothi and Manavaalan came from tiger caves. Maanas and Chiranjeevi came from old light house. Murali, Francis, Alok and Kirthana came from Shore Temple. Ashwini, Suresh, Venky and four students (from Anna university and Ethiraj) were there near Ganesha ratha.. All happy happy faces with lot of satisfactions. It was really great to see all the sketches together . There were all kinds. Water color, Pen&Ink, pencil, charcoal.. Various views of monuments. 
Venky briefed about 'Flashback' celebration plans. This week we shall get more pics for reference. Lets all share which pics we work in this thread without fail to avoid repetition. Check the same thread for more information about the event and plan from CWA.

Our love for the monuments continued even after lunch. I guess most of the people continued till evening. GREAT Day! We shall be repeating Mamallapuram and plan for Kanchipuram before Feb next year. 
We had little issues about sketching in the ASI premises even though Manas had the permission letter. We should try to use that next time. (We shall get permission for CWA group sooner).

Share all your photos and art works in this Album. Virtual participation starts now :-) (use the posted photos for your drawings and post them back here)

First outing


Serene Mahabs


Francis, ShoreTemple, Alok and Kirthana


Another angle


Grand panel of Arjuna Penance (click to see large. Contact me if you want still larger)


At Arjuna Ratha




Fearless Ashwini (joined CWA from Pondy)


Proud tusker!

The place where most of the photos are taken at Mahabs!


Friends from Japan. 


A pretty face for drawing


Lady with white cap!!


Kalpana and Spot lights


Prabha - Not a foreigner 


Sample of drawings


Group :-)


FB album.

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    • Awesome!!! So much detail with pastels! Enjoyed seeing this :)

    • Awesome work Sumitha !!!!

    • Sumitha...This is super!


  • Thank you Balaji Sir, Nithya Ma'am and Kalpana.. I am uploading one more reproduction of a photo from the Mahabs visit report.. One more of our pretty girl Kalpana... 

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    • Simply lovely colours and total effect.

      Missed you too would have enjoyed it immensely.

    • oh wow! this is superb! love your effortless style

    • Lovely! You have done justice to Murali's wonderful photograph.

    • Beautiful Sumitha !

      Missed u at Mamallapuram .

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