CWA @ Museum, Egmore - 27 Oct 2013

Museum witnessed a wonderful get-together of enthusiastic CWA today.
Many new faces today (Dayalini, Subramanian, Manikantan, Ramesh, Shashtha, Selvakumar and shesha shree). Some preferred to observe and other joined us sketching.
Some sketched inside biological museum while other sketched outside. Wonderful to see all the sketches together at the end. 
We should call this childrenz day out. Amazed at the creativity demonstrated by kids.. 

Feel free to sketch/ paint the photos posted here and share them at this album/thread.
Thanks to Sumitha for sharing Diwali greetings and sweet to group!
Happy Diwali wishes to all!




Surrender under saint


This is not all; more works added after this click. Share the photo if any one has clicked.


Snehalatha's wonderful quick sculpture on the spot.


Jyothi's wonderful sketch


She is an art enthusiast working at Museum. She took our group photo.


Group having all age! (click to view big)


Reshmi &co


Yashu (little GS)


Yashu and Smita


Little Jayanth and his mother


Shashtha with his creation! Do not miss the man under the tree..

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    • Very nice sketches Sumitha . Like the nandi and the horse. Mr.Croco has a cheeky smile , nice :)

    • This time without planning I have used pastels a lot :0. Would like to hear pastel master's comments & suggestions :)3275435948?profile=original3275436043?profile=original3275436073?profile=original3275436098?profile=original

    • Prabha...This is terrific. All four sketches are very nice...the birds are outstanding.

    • Lovely Prabha.

      The ostrich is my favourite.

      The colouring is very delicate ..with just a hint or red in the underside?

      The plumage looks very good and realistic.

      Keep it up.

    • Thank you Nithya :)

    • Nice sketches Prabha.

    • Thank you GS :)

    • Nice work Prabha. Especially like the ostrich and the balance you've achieved there. The Nandi is solid. Is this Black granite?

    • Thank you George :)  Yes it is granite.

    • Very good studies of the animals, and the Nandi has also come out very well, Prabha.

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