Review: CWA Metro ride 11-Aug-13

Mylai<-->Egmore was a fun ride and first of its kind in CWA.

@ Thirumylai station Francis, Alok and Murali are able to spot fellow artists Balaji, Nithya and Prabha easily. But not easy to find the car parking! We sketched for an hour and then boarded a train with our return ticket. The plan was to get down at the Fort station and get another train for Egmore.

Journey was good with different view of places and many of us seeing it for the first time or after a long time. Few of us attempted sketching inside the train and clicking the views.

By the time we reached Egmore our energy levels were up and we decided to sketch there 1.5 hours instead of 1. We all sketched Egmore in and around. Had a good opportunity to move together.

Thanks for all the snaks Nithya which refilled our energy. As usual police checked our id since Aug15th near by. 

GS was about to join us late but missed him throughout.. 

Looking for more rides..

Few views and moments from my camera:







Balaji's views and clicks:






Feel free to use any of the posted photo to sketch/paint and post back to this thread for virtual participation!

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  • MRTS ride was really exciting and Railway Stations are really very good destination for Art meetups as we have lots of varieties to pick  from like complex architecture, people, movements , train etc etc. Hope we can revisit or plan another route/stations in future.

    Had done A3 sketches and was unable to scan amd upload earlier. Now using stiching technique on A4 scan pieces here are my two works.

    [Thirumayilai Railway Station] Added more details and train at home. 
    [Egmore Platform] In Charcoal 


    • Wow Alok! There is a great harmony and symmetry in the first one! Two colors rock!

      I like the second one more with its boldness. It is more representative and modern! 

    • Thank you sir. 

      feeling happy to experiment with 5.6mm lead thanks to GS sir. Now everywhere I try to find red to use my sanguine lead :)

    • These are wonderful sketches, love your style
    • Alok,

      The first one is superb.

      I love it.

      Shadows, dimensions, use of colour and perspective.

      Final effect is bold.

      I am so glad you have shown some part of the complexity of the roof...

      We artists should not shun away from problems.. but attack them-

      never mind if the final picture  is not "picture perfect"!

      Truth is often uncomfortable...

      Sorry for preaching...


      Keep it up.

    • Thank you mam. First I also had a hesistation in including those complexities but then I thought I have added so much details then lets try this too. I am glad that it didnt become too bad.

    • Lovely sketches Alok ! In the first one , the tracks have come out so well !! In the second one I like the way you have composed the people , the cart & the train.

    • Thank you Mam :)

    • Alok, both sketches are very nice. The one of Thirumayilai Station is superb. The curves look perfect and the few touches of colour make this sketch a treat to view..

    • Thank you sir :)

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