Spaces, is a rather unique place in Chennai, with a sprawling little green campus of sorts dotted with very classic structures creating a great mood for art of all kinds.

Special thanks to Balaji and Nithya for making this possible, and to Mr. Sadhanand Menon for letting us have the place for a creative day.

We had quite a bit of action this weekend with Murali, Balaji, Nithya, Kalpana, Prabha, Sangeetha, Alok, Arvind and his friend. Later in the day, Murali's cousin visting from New Zealand joined us. The weather was great and the atmosphere relaxing. By the time I joined, everyone was already half way through, I could see nice views of the beach and adjoining structures captured from various views, as well as the green garden inside Spaces getting the attention.

We had a little session on revising Gesture. A couple of practical approaches to how we could capture the gesture was presented, and we all took turns as models for the 1 minute gesture studies, which concluded with a few 'group' studies. 

We later had a good time looking at the works of everyone.

Looking forward to all the sketches.

Photos from the session. contributed by Murali, Balaji and GS. 

Lovely scene, lots of action..


Murali, you must stop staring and start riding...


Wonderful entrance,with light peeking from inside..


Focus is the name of the game..


They seem to be as good at pretending to listen, as much as I am pretending to tell something.


Now, that is dedication..


Same entrance, Light and focus shifted to a different subject..


Green indeed is this place..


Arvind's friend enthusiastically modeling for us ...


Golden rules of Gesture ..


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  • This time I'm very very late in adding my sketches. 2 weeks! Sorry about this :(

    GS, I really enjoyed your session on gestures. Not sure I've quite got it but I feel like it is helping my human figures even so.

    Everybody's gesture studies are lovely to see one after the other, I really like this thread! And I did do another sketch of a scene within spaces but.... can't seem to find it! Here are my gesture studies. First 7 were done at spaces,where I used a feeble HB on newsprint and so the contrast is going a bit haywire on my photographs. The last 3  are pen outlines done over the gesture study which I attempted at theatre rehearsal couple of days back. 











    • Kalpana, I can see that the gestural sketching exercises are doing you a lot of good. The proportions are better and you are also portraying the actions much better now.

    • Thank you GS. I find I can't get the head out of my head!!! Always start with it although you have said we needn't :)

      Balaji, thank you. I find I am able to sketch them quicker now. 

    • Nice gestural sketches Kalpana . The last four are well defined. 

    • Tried my hand at the Schmidt Memorial..... 3275438853?profile=original

    • I referred to the photograph taken by Murali , ( GS or Balaji ) not sure :) during our meet at spaces.

    • Prabha...This is a very nice sketch except for the fact that you have made the base too tall. Even with that your sketch looks attractive and the memorial is very identifiable. I also like the way you have done the sand.

      The photograph was not taken by me. I assumed that it was by Murali becasue he and Alok came early and GS came late that day.

    • Thank you Balaji. Was wondering if the differences in the sky , water and sand will be clear in tone and texture . Anyway need a lot of  practice.

      Hmm , remember now that Murali was  the first one to come there.

    • Kalpana, very nice capture of gesture. Its important to focus on the action than on the resemblance and you have done well. I can see your more complete rehearsal sketches having a more convincing action!

  • That is a very useful list indeed... thanks for the gesture rules GS! I think Kalpana's was a great pose, very dramatic, wish there was a photo of it. There are some impressive sketches/drawings here, can hardly pick one from the other. The CWA bring so much joy and inspiration to the forum with their talent and dedication (( BIG applause ))

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