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  • guys please go through my sketches in my profile and please give some improvement suggestion and ways to achieve perfection............

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  • hello everyone!!

    posting an artwork.. please comment for flaws and improvements!!

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  • Hello! I have just joined this website and this group, drawing and painting is my hobby. I have uploaded few of my work, please suggest me how can I improve myself
  • Hi, I am self taught artist - have just joined this group. I have uploadd few of my works - would appreciate honest opnion.






  • Hi George... I tried once again(without tracing). Found difficult in making the frame of the light darker. So over painted some places. Pls comment on it.


  • A photograph likes this with no detail depends entirely on the silhouette for it to make sense. The edges have to be crisp, straight and should look machined. Not organic.


    If you would like to do this again, I recomend that you print it out, trace the outline, and fill in the dark just like the first time, but this time with clean straight edges. Also the thin lines such as the wire handle etc. Draw it clearly and crisply. I think it will make a huge difference. 

  • Hi George... This is the Original photograph taken from Net


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This is an attempt,being new I dont really know the shade of pencil which should be used where.Would love to have suggestions so that i could learn..:)DSC_0013.jpg

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My first portrait

Here is my first attempt at a portrait. I've used graphite (5B and 8B) on cartridge sheet.At this point, I'm rather unsure of my work, so I'd be grateful to receive any feedback (general/specific).Could I have used any other media (like India ink or black sketch pen) to make the portrait more interesting?Kishore Kumar.jpg

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