Getting drawing to pay for itself

Kamal once told me it would be nice if this hobby paid for itself. That has been quietly humming in my head and it's starting to slowly make more sense. It would be nice if your hobby could pay for itself wouldn't it?


The last few weeks I've been trying to ferret out small paying assignments for Jammers. Most requirements I find are for graphics, websites and that sort of stuff. Booriiiing! No, i'm looking for assignments that take the jammers natural workflow into consideration. Like location sketching, painting, and drawing as documentation etc.


If you'd like to make some money drawing, please comment below. Also let me know what you'd like to specialise in so I know what to keep an ear out for. Also be reasonably sure your work is pro quality. Breaking hearts is heart breaking.





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  • George, This is cool idea. I love to take portrait/ figurative works.

    My sketches:!/777269266381...

    Will do with penciles (B&W or color). Soon with Acrylics.

    Contact: 9880363821

    • if there's any scope for black and white graphite animals works, surely i would love to do them, George.

  • i love working on illustrations,character designs(digital/traditional) and acrylic works .....please visit.... Thanks  George!XD
    • Rimmel! I saw your portfolio for the first time ever and I love your work! I've passed on your details to my marketing team.
    • Thankyu so much George!!!! im really looking forward :D
  • Hey George, I would love to work on commission , especially pencil drawings and oil colours...You may visit my portfolio and then consider my request. You may contact me at +91 9535 644 442, Bangalore
    • Will do Soman. I've passed on your contact details to the marketing team.
    • Thank you so much George...really appreciate it!
  • Let me know if you have any assignments on location sketching, and further to create a landscape out of the location, or urban landscapes, i will be interested in working on this projects. C P B Prasad. Artist.  -Thanks. 9845012673.
    • Sure thing! Noted. Also, I just took a look at your portfolio here. Do you have any realistic / figurative work besides abstract or conceptual art? Thanks
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