196. Black Hole Sun

Today we try drawing to " Black Hole Sun".

What kind of visual pops up in your mind?

This is a title of a song by Soundgarden, who describe it as "It's just sort of a surreal dreamscape" or as " "wasn't safe as milk, but it wasn't glass in someone's eye either. It was the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down"

Visualize it however you want, the challenge is to draw it and post it before the day ends :)

Have fun!

If you'd like listen to the song below..

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  • 'Sakshi'  - A3, Oil Pastel. Concept sketch for a possible, future painting. I've already posted it on the main page. I was thinking of a similar vista, didn't have the dark orb in it, but with lots of lightning... when Smitha posted this challenge as if on cue :) Thought I'd post it here as well.


    • Wow! This is great. I like the mottled dying sun and the calm with which this guy is waiting for the end. Sakshi means witness no? Lovely stuff - Now waiting for the final painting.

    • Thanks a lot, George! Yes you're right of course, @ sakshi being Sanskrit for 'witness'. I think, when that great apocalypse nears, we are transfixed by its absoluteness and just can't look away. I remember once being caught between two racing public buses, and was staring wide-eyed as their rear-ends (which were very close together) rapidly approached me - waiting to be turned into Prosenjit-jelly.

      Could be a transcendental experience even, although short-lived! :P

    • Fantastic! I'm glad this topic coincided, gives me an opportunity to take a look at your pre-painting works :)

      Just great to see and learn form this work - the lighting, the colours and the atmosphere. Love the wind in your portrait. I especially like the treatment of the clouds, and the bits of light  shinning through them.

    • Thank you so much Smitha! As regards the clouds, it was something I had 'sakshi-ed' about a week ago. There was a storm with a powerful lightning show all around - like some celestial DJ/Choreographer was in play. The thunderclap was rattling windowpanes (when the wind wasn't shattering those to pieces). There being a dense cloud-cover, there was no 'lightning tree' splitting the sky. Instead, the clouds were frequently lit up from within, and the violet-white flashes cast no shadows. Everything was momentarily lit up in that ethereal, electric glow. I was out on the terrace, getting drenched, when I witnessed all of this :)

    • Powerful stuff - the end of the world as we imagine it.

  • This is by far one of the most bizarre video's I have seen..

    3275416927?profile=original3275417008?profile=originalThis is a sligthly modified version of the drawing, after posting it last night I realised some buildings in the background will help with situate where this is happening. 

    • Whoa! Look at all that detail - the picture actually feels like it's swirling and boiling.

      BTW Reminds me of a scene from the resident evil series - except those are zombies. :D

    • Smitha, I really love the way the piranha are circling, the details of even those on the far side are clear.  Creepy!

    • Bravo, Smitha!...  This is a superb drawing, the image kind of grows into you with time. Especially loving the perspective of that great ring of piranha-like fishes. Looks so ominous. Poor girl in red skirt, this is a nightmare holiday! :)

      I wonder if making this a 'daily sketching' thing could be a bit of a drain on your (i.e. PJ admin's) time/energy.. I mean, the need to come up with such wonderful subjects every day. Wonder if it could be an idea to space it up a little more. Secondly, it'll give PJ-ers time to respond to a particular theme, or even an opportunity to notice it on the front page (plus links to past discussions) before its removed. Wonderful initiative though.. my whole-hearted ((( applause ))).

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