196. Black Hole Sun

Today we try drawing to " Black Hole Sun".

What kind of visual pops up in your mind?

This is a title of a song by Soundgarden, who describe it as "It's just sort of a surreal dreamscape" or as " "wasn't safe as milk, but it wasn't glass in someone's eye either. It was the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down"

Visualize it however you want, the challenge is to draw it and post it before the day ends :)

Have fun!

If you'd like listen to the song below..

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    • Thank you Prosenjit. This was a nightmare holiday :P

      I agree, what you say makes total sense. It is a good Idea to space it. Perhaps two topics a week-Mondays and Thursdays ? And the home page can carry the latest topic with a link to the previous one? I will hold off other topics for this week for now :)

    • Thanks Smitha and Prosenjit for your reviews.  I agree with the new ruling - getting out a drawing daily is a workout.  Let's see how two a week do - it gives one time to think.  I think roping in some more people is also important for this to succeed.

  • 3275416967?profile=originalOkay this is my drawing for todays topic, please do not look for any technique in this, it is just an illustration.  I used pastels for this because I wanted the bright colors.

    • 3275432351?profile=originalTried blending the colors with grey, and it looks better.  I have to learn pastels and use the right paper.

    • Nice one Nandita. Love all the little details. Noticed the little people after Smee pointed it out.

    • This is amazing, Nandita... especially with those eyes which one doesn't notice immediately, and when one does, they transfix you. Love it that in the second version you've smudged around the eyes - adds to the mystery.

      This is exactly why I love pastel so much (have recently ordered another box of OP, purely out of lust!) -dry or oily, they are so immediate and spontaneous in the output, kind of like an extension of soul when its pouring forth in imagery.

    • Nandita! This is great:) I like the blended one too. I just noticed the people getting sucked into the sun.

  • Cool... I have always been a huge fan of this song and the band itself.. still keep listening to it! \m/ We can try Pink Floyd stuffs next time... 'Coming Back to Life' or 'Hey You'. 

    • Thanks Varun, will line those songs as a topic.

      Hope your going to attempt the challenge, waiting to see it :)

    • Yes i have a tight schedule today but ill try my best \m/

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