219 : Bargue Plates

Bargue Plate of Drawing

Inspired by Prosenjit Roy's work, this weeks challenge is to work from a Barque Plate.The drawing can be inspired by any plate and adapted to a drawing of your choosing or you can draw as you see in the plates.

Find the high resolution plates for download here or google images has a lot of plates we can refer.

Here are few example plates :

3275223184?profile=originalDraw hands

3275223870?profile=originalDraw faces

3275224090?profile=originalDraw legs or feet

3275224199?profile=originalOr drapery. Have fun!

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  • My sincere and best attempt with the 'Lop-sided Smile' girl !


  • Hi

    My artwork in response to your challenge.Sorry a bit delayed



  • Got inspired to participate looking at the Bargue Challenge...One of most effective way of learning how to draw accurately in a structured manner. It is very tedious and challenging if you want to get it right. But, it pays off with technical skills required to draw accurately. Charles method was used by apprentice drawing students to learn drawing in Atelier schools to move towards Masters Techniques. I was in Florence Academy of Art, Italy to learn this technique and enjoyed the whole process.

    After which I have made quiet a few of them. Here is one of the Bargue plates, which is called as the Death Mask...the name is misleading sometime. It is said that the princess face was covered with her smiling face mask like the image before burial.

    I took 2 weeks to complete this image and it is said to be very quick. This Death Mask Bargue is about intermediate level and average time for students is about 6 to 8 weeks. Now you could understand why it is frustrating to most of them attempting Bargue drawings. Happy to discuss more about this technique....

    Murali - Bargue 3.jpg

    • Wow! Lovely work Murali.

    • Hi Murali, I have just commented on your wonderful drawing elsewhere, which you have also posted independently. That must have been a great experience, being at the Florence Academy! You're right, it needs a special kind of application to be able to keep working at the same drawing for 2 weeks, let along 6-8 weeks! I'd never even attempt that kind of an engagement :D - mine took about 2 hours. But then I was only trying to 'know' the girl through her lopsided smile :) Thanks muchly for offering to discuss more on the technique...

    • That was quite instructive, thanks Dinesh!

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