220 : My precious find

My Precious Find

We find things during our walks in the park or by the beach. A pebble, a shell, a dry leaf or a dead bug. Today's challenge is to draw such ephemera. If you are not a collector ,you should start your collection now!

Here are few inspirational drawings :


3275224201?profile=original3275224406?profile=original3275224555?profile=originalAll images credits belong to original uploaders. Please click on images to see original links.

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  • I am not a regular collector but pick up certain things now and then.

    (inspiration for the sketches:internet)

    i could not post this in the reply column hence the attachment.

    wish you all a happy new year !!


  • 3275419891?profile=originalMy collection of flowers from a park - I stuck and painted it at home

  • Response to Drawing challenge 220




    • Hey Vidya - I noticed your replies to the discussions show your artwork as an attachment. Please see the F.A.Q here: http://www.penciljammers.com/page/faq

      It shows steps to 'how to add artwork as image' in your response. Let me know if it was useful :)

    • Lovely work vidya. I really like your lines!

  • beautiful work..

    • :) I agree Rekha! People do such inspirational sketches. These images also link to original artists, they are totally worth following :D

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