This group is dedicated to the human figure with weekly drawing activities and reference resources. Membership by request, what with the nudes and all...
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  • Hi I'm Sanjay, And I'm new to this group and new to this page as well... I'm interested in drawing and I did most of my works by using only with 0.5mm Microtip pencil. I did many human figures by using their photograph as my model.
    I'm on Instagram as @pencil_sketches_original.
  • Thanks Smitha...I had forgotten that I had posted in here! :)
  • great studies Shaji! 

  • I'm sure most of you have seen this site earlier, but i found it last night :D I love it - its pose maniac but better!

  • A couple of nude studies I did recently with live model...with oil pastels (dry) and watercolor. Nothing like working with a live subject in front of you; to have limited time and to keep account of the quality of light and shade...I have felt it to be more challenging than working with a photograph... 3275366394?profile=original3275366619?profile=original

  • 3275364947?profile=original

  • hi , guys am new here and i am obsessed wit figure drawings , i draw frm everything fotos , life anything dat looks intrtsing   so theres nothin much to say but so much to draw, 

  • Male model.  Wasn't sure these should be posted on the open forum, so I'm posting them here instead. 3275341250?profile=original3275341323?profile=original

  • LOVE Lucong's line drawings! Mesmerising stuff!!

    Thanks for the link, Nikhil :D

  • Oh my god!! He's brilliant. Nikhil, thanks for sharing!
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Drawing from Real Life

Here is a drawing done from real life. Its an approximately three day study (18 - 24 hours of work on it) with the small study on top to indicate the effect of light and shadow. I didn't do any background as the model stopped posing and it would take a lot more time. Perhaps I will try to do it at a later date. This is not a finished drawing by far, there is still a lot more work to do but I thought it would serve as an example of an atelier technique. No smudging technique was used, it's all…

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Digital Nude Study

I do figure drawing on a regular basis both traditional and digital. I see there is already a thread for traditional figure drawing. I think it would be better to keep the traditional and digital apart. But the underlying values remain the same-practice figure drawing.Please feel free critique and comment. Also you could add any digital figure drawing here.(I love to make mistakes especially in a closed group like this:))

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My works in progress

Here some are figure studies that I am working on.i struggle a lot with proportions before I get them right. I welcome any c&c.1 st one is a acrylic from a play boy pic as a ref2 nd and 3rd are digital works based on random images from internet

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