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Drawing from Real Life

Here is a drawing done from real life. Its an approximately three day study (18 - 24 hours of work on it) with the small study on top to indicate the effect of light and shadow. I didn't do any background as the model stopped posing and it would take

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My works in progress

Here some are figure studies that I am working on.i struggle a lot with proportions before I get them right. I welcome any c&c.1 st one is a acrylic from a play boy pic as a ref2 nd and 3rd are digital works based on random images from internet

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Digital Nude Study

I do figure drawing on a regular basis both traditional and digital. I see there is already a thread for traditional figure drawing. I think it would be better to keep the traditional and digital apart. But the underlying values remain the same-pract

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5.The Humble Feet

An overview image

3275195290?profile=originalDetailed bone and how the muscles overlay on the bone.






Wow! That's alot of detailed images! Is it not a pleasure to see them:)

Why learn the feet?

Else all our figure drawings are floating in the air :D  Well, I cant emphasis

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4. Test your arm strength!

3275194468?profile=originalWe have finally covered the entire skeletal structure of the Arm :D Hurray!

This week lets focus on drawing the arm from memory! Yes, build an arm for different types of characters, skinny, bulky, old, young, muscular, regular, and more. But draw the

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3. The Upper arm

3275194405?profile=original3275194628?profile=original3275194664?profile=original3275194754?profile=originalOh yes, the study of the arm is still on :) This is the last part of the arm.

Here is the inner structure of the upper arm. Once you have studied these images, go back to drawing the arm as per the last exercise. imagine the arm in different angles,

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2. The Forearm

3275192977?profile=original3275193136?profile=original3275193321?profile=original3275193473?profile=originalThough I see my hand everyday, to imagine it in different angles is surprisingly a challenge! When I do gestures I often find the hands lack details. I do a quick swish to denote fingers but it always is wrong!

However, if I know the structure of how

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1. The mighty hand

Our first topic of study under human figure drawing! Is the mighty hand :) Yay!



The objective is not to know the names. ( unless you already do or are a doctor, its useful, but hard to remember the names ) Study

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Howdy... Warning NSFW - NUDITY!

Hey folks!

I am new here in PencilJam and figure study group. How are you all doing. I love figure drawing and I used to do it when I was in US from live models till I moved back to India recently. Since then, I've been looking for places & folks to s

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