Nudes from live models

These are three nudes I found from a couple of years back that I did from life study sessions. They are done using different techniques and are incomplete, so sorry for that. I'm a bit slow so by the time I've finished a little bit, the others have already finished, or else I've run out of time! In the second pose, I've started using angular lines. The finished line comes in at the end when the proportions are corrected.




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  • Solid structural/tonal studies!  I can totally relate to running out of time when drawing from a live model.

    • Thank you Nicholas! The instructors at the atelier where I did these pieces were very strong on the underlying structure and anatomy. The tonal values were also stressed upon as being critical not only insofar as the direction of light was concerned but also to show the turning of the form. As one gets more practice drawing from live models, one becomes better and better at resolving space and perspective. Need to get back to drawing nudes soon but its tough in India. Lets see though…I have some ideas! :)

    • Yes, that's a classic atelier approach. 

      Pardon my ignorance but, given India's wonderful artistic history, I thought live models would be common.

    • Yes, it appears so but there are a lot of cultural inhibitions that get in the way. Its been like that for the past 200 years at least. It might've been different before that but the only place where it is possible to get models now seems to be Mumbai. Or else I need to get in touch with some ladies of the night here in Bangalore!

  • Thank you Kamal!

    • Awesome sketches from Live.

      Very much inspiring Jay Varma!

    • Thank you very much, Muralidharan! Happy drawing!

  • amazing works !

  • Thank you Prabha, glad to be a catalyst for inspiration. That's what all the members at Pencil Jammers should do - be a source of inspiration to each other. Have a great day! :)

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