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  • Oops, didn't notice, but the dates ARE given on the site: 14 Apr, saturday and 15 Apr, Sunday :)

  • Hey guys, there's a cartoon workshop happening at "Indian Institute of Cartoonists' on MG Road shortly. For more details, see HERE. No dates are given, but you could find out by calling the numbers. Thanks to Prabha for the info.

  • I wanted to draw some goofy characters3275333910?profile=original

  • @ Alannah: These look fun! An excellent exercise to develop your creativity.

    You can even cook up a li'll story based on these 2 squiggly characters :)

    @ Dev: Cool idea and drawing. You could try doing more using just pencils and pens. Cheers! :)

  • i have did in flash. hope u like

  • I drew some squiggle lines and I just followed my imagination. I got an Old Man and this type of creature called a whale and a candycane. 3275333329?profile=original

  • One of my recent cartoons!



  • Sure Din, am working on a woriginal comic now LOL! Ambitious but don't know how successful it will be :)
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8. Four-Panel Comics - 2

Oh K. So this week we take a second shot at our 4-Koma.This week's four words are: Water, Pen, Dog, and Yellow!Feel free to add a title to your comic strip. Works in Progress (WIP) may also be posted.More inspiration below:, that last one :P :(All content belongs to the respective copyright owners, are taken from google images. The sources are linked to the image numbers.Happy Comic-stripping! :o)

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7. Four-Panel Comics

SO. After a gap of a few months, DRAW TOONS is back with a bang and a new challenge: The Four-Panel Comic.Every week we'll have a topic with four words in it. Using those four words, let's create a little story that can be visually depicted in a 4-box format, or as the Japanese would say, 4-Koma. The story can be humourous, serious, light-hearted, slice-of-life, stream-of-consciousness, abstract, whatever style of storytelling mode. As long as the 4 panels have a narrative of some sort, and…

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It's been a while since we had activity here - thanks to Mr.Francis for his gentle reminder. What's going on drawers?!! In the spirit of the recent jolt received by a long ruling dynasty, and te spirit of change around you - what is it that gets YOU up and going? coffee, tea, rock n roll music, or simply a swift kick in the B***?!! SHare your thoughts! Cartoonize!

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