Use this group to maintain a sketchbook as a discussion forum. This is sometimes more useful than the gallery feature and allows a continuous posting of your work.
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What is a sketch Thread?

Communities like concept art allow their members to maintain a 'sketchbook' as a forum discussion. This is useful because all your work can be viewed one after the other unlike the slideshow navigation in the galleries section.

This is very cool for showcasing developmental art, rough sketches and doodles. You can always reserve the Gallery section for the more finished pieces.

Happy drawing!

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  • ah thanks george. that was enlightening :o)
  • Anil, your kempegowda sketches are awesome! Very cool. Could you Hit the START Discussion button and post these there. (It's on this same page, under DISCUSSION FORUM)

    This will ensure that the thread is always yours and every new sketch can be directly posted on that discussion thread.
  • is that morgan freeman? certainly looks like.
    the turban man series is lovely...

  • Here are my recent attempts to sketch faces.

    Comments, suggestions, tips MOST welcome
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My visual dairy!

I decided to keep a visual diary this year. But the search for a diary took a long time, so started sketching in the existing sketch books. Finally found two recycled paper books at Shop for a cause. The small one has white sheets & the slightly bigger one has recycled paper made from tetra pack. It is brown & interesting.Sketched this to keep myself awake in the auto, on my way to a site meetingDid this for Chumma draw, poetry with a sketch! wrote the poem in the auto & sketched at homeThe…

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