1. Edouard Manet

Edouard Manet (1832 – 1883)  a French impressionist painter, was a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.

3275193775?profile=originalEffect of Snow at Petit-Montrouge, 1870. Oil on canvas,61.6 x 50.4 cm. Currently at National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, UK

Today's Master Topic :- Pick any scenery and approach it the way Manet did. Remember, we need to recreated a similar effect as the above painting. So a mono-chromatic approach for this master study. You could also choose to recreate the same painting above.

Once done, upload your painting as a comment tread below.

To see his sketches Click here.


All credits to the original up-loaders. Thank you!

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