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Dragons Hello Penciljammers, this month we draw Dragons! How do you visualize a dragon? You can do this illustration with any medium of your choice and any style you want. This can also be a illustration you have attempted earlier but is relevant to the topic. There are many interpretations of dragons, influenced by different cultures. Here are a few samples : Chinese Dragon Greek mosaic of a Dragon Japanese Dragon Slavic Dragon Russian Dragon...  and there are more. Read the wikipedia article…

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Raindrops keep Falling on my Head

This months illustration Topic is for the song " Raindrops keep falling on my head" by BJ Thomas If you have not heard this song give it a listen : You can visually interpret this peppy song however you want. Have fun doodle for some rain :) Remember to upload your sketches, concepts and ideas on this thread when the work is in progress - this will encourage and inspire others.We have a month, so get started!

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Snowmen are melting

Drawing daily is a hard - Drawing conceptual themes daily is even harder! This is why we have decided to challenge ourselves to illustrate to one theme every month. Game? Here we go! This months Theme is : "Snowmen are melting" Global warming or climate change are terms we have been hearing and living with for awhile now, but the average person is unconcerned about the impact of climate change. Perhaps we can use our visualization skills to spread the word? " Global warming and climate change…

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Super Conductor !!!!!

Hello JammersThis week's illustration topic will be "Super Conductor" . Not the scientific one but the one we see them in bus,trains or ferries collecting money in exchange of tickets ..In overcrowded bus with no place to stand our "SUPER CONDUCTOR" slides without any resistance giving tickets ..providing change...telling directions to new comers in the city...frowning .... and sometimes they do smile ...from one end to the other end . Sometime they do push them selves to the limit of…

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