This group is for all those who want to learn oil painting.

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  • @maneesha rajeshkumar: yes offcourse ! you can use linseed and trpentine oils as per the requirement. and to clean brushes effectively use tarpentine and soft cotton cloth. but handle brushes with care do not scratch or rub bristles hard.

  • oil paints are vry costly where do we get cheap ones

  • Hello Maneesha,

    it's right here in this group. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be too much activity here. There seem to be more watercolourists or graphite artists. But go ahead and share any interesting articles or resources you come across.

  • oil paintings group is held where

  • should we add oil while painting and how to wash the brush to remove oil.

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A still-life attempt

I painted this over a period of four days.Colors:Cad YellowUltramarine BlueBurnt SiennaRose Madder HueTitanium WhileI covered the windows and worked only in artificial light.But the light was not strong enough and did not cast strong shadows.I feel diffused shadows require more skill as the change in values is very subtle.So, for a beginner it is good to have strong light.Toward the end I opened one of the windows just a little and I thought that won't make a difference but it did. You can see…

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