Yep! Who would have though that a drawing site needs a section for Photographs? And yet here we are. This group is for posting photos. 

They may be from a recent trip, or for reference purposes. Post them here.


The only kind of photo you cannot post is one that you have not shot yourself.


Happy clicking, and remember don't post any more photos in the main gallery. Save it for this space!!

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  • I agree with Soman's views. CWA's page on Penciljammers used to be so vibrant. But ever since we also became active on Facebook, although CWA'S membership has gone through the roof, and though we are even more active with multiple events through the week, our page on Penciljammers is now silent and does not reflect any of this.
    This is so sad because our page here generated many lively discussions, and detailed comments & suggestions on our artwork. This is not there on the Facebook page and I miss it very much.
  • I have been off the grid for quite some time, so I wanted to check out some pics of jams that happened since. Can you imagine... today is Nov 18, 2014 and the last posted pictures of jam that I see now is of Nov 17, 2013.

    One full year and no posts on this here! Perhaps PJ's Facebook page really has taken it away from the original PJ page.

    I kinda liked it watching here... especially some old posts that were thoroughly peppered with lovely commentary by the photographers and ably supported by other passing viewers of the post.

  • Did you feed the bird tuppence a bag?

  • very nice one!!

  • A nice mix of different elements - the lettering style, the red bricks and the sparrow. Charming!

  • When I went on a trip to Arizona, there was an old fashioned cafe that had a marry poppins style (an old movie). 3275334443?profile=original

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WDC @Wodeyar Statue, Cubbon Part 17Nov2013

Fellow Jammers,I had a great time this weekend at Cubbon Park. Here are a few pics captured in the park and during the heated discussion on limitation of perception, the meaning & purpose of life and definition of "Peace"  :)Feel free to checkout the my blog for more pics from around the city.Cheers,

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