3275184377?profile=originalA cool jam begins...



3275185220?profile=originalLet's bring out the brushes, the paints and... the keyboard box???

3275185496?profile=originalShhh, Watercolour Master at work.

3275185400?profile=originalPrabal's weekly Masterpiece, ready to be framed and displayed. Auctioned by Vidhu.

3275185580?profile=originalVidhu and Suchitra discussing an artistic technicality.

3275185819?profile=originalLittle Anirudh was all excited to be part of the Jam!

3275185769?profile=originalA little too excited, perhaps??

3275185997?profile=originalArty business as usual.

3275186124?profile=originalRamya was too close to those yummilicious multi-coloured creams...

3275186036?profile=originaland it was just a matter of time...

..3275186150?profile=original...before she got distracted!

3275186277?profile=originalAnushka - A tooner in the making.


3275186303?profile=originalA very interested onlooker, who kept peeking into jammer's sketchbooks now and then.

Anil took a real liking for this li'l charmer!

3275186200?profile=originalA sneaky shot of the cheeky peeker, by Anushka.

3275186238?profile=originalWould someone care to explain what exactly is going on here..??

3275186378?profile=originalAnirudh may have lost his fear of the Valley School monkeys,

but their influence seems to have rubbed off on him :o)



3275186438?profile=originalThe keyboard box being put to GREAT use!


3275186510?profile=originalRight after this incident, Adi had this to say to Vidhu, and I quote:

"Violent you are! I have to call your wife and tell her to control you!"

(Which sounded very much like Prabha's earlier threat to Vidhu: "Don't do it!! I know your wife!"

It's interesting how pencilhammers influence each other in so many creative ways ;)

3275186564?profile=originalYet another punch-up?

3275186536?profile=originalAmit was in a more laid back mood here compared to other jams.

3275186589?profile=originalThe Saga...

3275186611?profile=originalof The Sleeper...

3275186664?profile=original...captured in toony watercolours by Anushka, with a little help from =Din.


3275186713?profile=originalMom wasn't spared either!

3275186493?profile=originalSriguru and Anil with their bags and dazzling smiles, tooned by Anushka.

Anil, seen at bottom, seems to be sporting a new hair-do. Yet another case of artistic license..? :)

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  • Lovely, from when did Maharaja uncle become cartoon uncle ;) LOL! missed it yet again :( 

  • Great Dinesh ....Its just a treat to readaring the comments and see the photos...again again .Thnks for sharing

  • Thanks, Priya!

    I think the thought of Duck Curry that afternoon made V a bit more hyper than usual :D

  • Ammmmmazing captions dintoons! Have to agree with Soman's comments below. Totally second that :)

    • Thanks, Rashmi! You missed a good jam.

  • Looks like I overslept and missed a lovely Sunday morning!! Darn!

    • This is exactly the miserable feeling of missing a jam, that makes one get up early on a Sunday morning to go out, sketch n share! Thankfully there's always a jam the next sunday :D

  • Awesome collection Dinesh, It feels I hv just watched a crazy comedy silent movie with cool subtitles ...ha ha


    • Thanks, Prashant. I guess that nicely sums up this series :D

    • Lovely pics Dinesh.And narrative.The kids really livened up the place.

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