This group likes to draw and paint arranged and found objects - still life!
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What is Still Life

If it was good enough for the masters, it's good enough for you. Drawing still life teaches you a great many things. Shape, tone, volume, composition, colour values, lighting and more.

Join this group if you'd like to add still life drawing to your daily drawing activity. Trust me, still life teaches like no other subject can.

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6. A clean Shave

Here is a different perspective to your daily - shaving kit :) These objects are quiet aged, but made for a beautiful capture. Go ahead and give it your best, feel free to explore your composition, colours and materials :) PS:- I wonder who brought about the nature of this daily ritual or when, I don’t see any animals worrying about that beard or eyebrow they have! Please post your drawings here as a comment in this thread.Thank you!

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The book

I tried my best to bring same image but I need ur suggestion,how can I improve more,in which area should i improve.this is my first post regarding given subject.plz suggest. Thankimage.jpg

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5.The Book

Here is a daily object we seldom stop to appreciate. This particular book is an old one, a dairy which is about 60 yrs old. Go ahead and give a try at drawing this pretty little book, you can use any medium. Have fun! Click on image to view original size. Please post your drawings as a thread to this post.Thank you!

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4.The Wire

The lighting in this set up is dramatic! Set directly on top of the still life. This causes dark shadows and bright highlights.Everything in this set up has been part of one of our past studies, just not the wire ball. Curious to see how everyone will approach the wire. Have fun! Post your attempt as a reply to this thread! Well, for the ones who attempted the drapery last week, the wire was the hidden object below the form:)

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