This group is for the watercolourists among us. If you enjoy this beautiful translucent media,  then go ahead and join.

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The Touch of the Watercolourist

Weekly Watercolour topics!

This group is about you, the Watercolourist.

We also have a weekly topic with a reference photograph for group activity. Go ahead and take up the challenge. Participating in this is a great way to share ideas, techniques and notes.


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  • Ha ha! You seriously used green tea ?

  •  Christ - Painted using watercolors and green tea :)


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  • Some photograph i liked got translated into this.


  • one of my water color work....


  • It's been a really long time since I posted something in this group. I have a few that I could post, but here is one I did earlier this month as part of my daily sketching resolution. This is watercolor and ink, right in my sketchbook.3275379552?profile=original

  • What see down is my first water colour potrait. need tips and critiques to improvise the same. thank you.

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  • i want to join this group when are the events held where

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7. Blue

Ha! I was initially trying to crop it and saw this has many compositional options, so here is an awesome image that allows you to compose your drawing as per your wish. Go ahead and crop it to your best composition! Please post your replies as a thread to this post. Thank you.

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6.Equus ferus caballus

Try this beauty in watercolour! Go ahead and compose your drawing, it need not be the same as the image. This is just a reference :) Click on the image to view larger. Please post your drawings as a comment to this post. The trap is yet to be attempted by all, well we have two to go now!

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5. The trap

Its great to watch the local fishermen prepare for their long day of work at the ocean. They spends the entire day out in the middle of the ocean. Here is a challenge to capture the ocean and the surrounding! The net is quiet a trap to capture in watercolor's right? Well lets try! Post your painting as a reply to this thread. Good luck! Click on the image to view larger. All the Pro's please document a WIP.  It helps beginners  :)

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