4.Golden Light


Everyday, Twice a day the golden light comes up :) Once during the morning sunrise, and once at evening, during sunset. Im never up to watch the morning glow, however i do my best to not miss the evening show :)

Here is a shot captured, that makes for beautiful strokes :)

Post your painting as a reply to this thread. Good luck!

Click on the image to view larger.

All the Pro's please document a WIP.  It helps beginners  :)

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  • beautiful wow

  • WOW! That's a brilliant work Anand! Just Awesome!

  • Anand,

    I loved your work.. I think its just awesome..

    • Wow!... I am not sure how i missed your reply!
      Thank you Prabal! Coming from you makes it more special!

  • This turned out to be lot tougher than I initially thought... I struggled with the value study itself..

    Here's my final value study (I did few) and when i embarked upon the wc painting it became tougher and tougher to maintain values; I had seen GS's comment about relative values... that was in my mind... but couldn't do a good job (you can see dull colors because of revisiting the colors)

    Thanks Smitha for the challenge! it turned out to be quite an exercise for me. 


    Watercolor on 300gsm 8x5 paper3275358510?profile=original

    • This is too good!! I ca't see a problem here... golden light is at place.

    • Thanks Nishad :-)

    • This is very good! One can see why they say .."color is a great servant..but tone(value) is the King" :)

    • Thanks GS and I love that quote :-)
  • My hands on the pic ... please share your comments..


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