6.Equus ferus caballus


Try this beauty in watercolour!

Go ahead and compose your drawing, it need not be the same as the image. This is just a reference :)

Click on the image to view larger.

Please post your drawings as a comment to this post.

The trap is yet to be attempted by all, well we have two to go now!

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  • This is my 1st painting to be uploaded here. Still a beginner, plz do comment on my work :)3275362487?profile=original

    • Oh I like the richness of these greens, and how you've subdued foliage details in the distance to increase the sense of depth. The Equus ferus caballus :) is quite well painted too... especially the belly region, with the shadow of the pelvis angling across the convexity.

      Regarding the knee area on the left hind leg (the one nearer to us) - in the horse the knee is actually higher up, close to the 'groin' fold, and what we may think of as knee is actually analogous to our ankle. In the ref this area is obscured by the bamboo, but is revealed in your drawing. I wonder if that area could've been modified a bit. But really, its no big deal :)

    • Thanks a lot for the detailed comment :) will look into what you mentioned.. :)

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