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WDC @ CKP on 10/01/2016

  Wow!  2016 and we have already finished two weekend jams for the current year.  All the jammers and artists who took part in Chitra Santhe - I hope that you are happy with your participation and it was profitable.

  Soman had complained how there we

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Weekend drawing @ Madhavan Park

I was waiting to go to this beautiful park - for a long while. With my mind set on drawing trees I set out early in the morning, only to realize that the park looked rather petite. Where were all the trees?

There were a few jammers spread out - drawi

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WDC @ Nrithyagram-15/03/2015

   Yesterday morning saw a whole lot of eager fresh-faced jammers on two vans heading for Nrithyagram - something a lot of us had been looking forward to for the past week.  The new and first time jammers outnumbered the old ones.  It was a great tur

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WDC @ NGMA 24/05/2015

A lazy and laid back jam at the NGMA

The jam last Sunday was as cozy and comfortable. A late summer morning, with pleasant weather, jammers were scattered in our favorite spot at the NGMA (No, not the canteen) the lawn in front.

I reached the jam l

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Neralu Tree festival - 07/02/2015

   The Neralu Tree Festival is on at the NGMA for 2 days, the 7th and 8th Feb. 2015.  Here are some shots from yesterdays activities.  There was a story-telling session, how to start your tree journal, a film by David Attenborough, a talk on the 'Fou

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