pencil jammers - Madiwala Santhe

Yesterday we met in madiwal market, The Madiwala market is one long road that is a perennial street market. It was tough to draw in that place, never find good place to sit & draw. Finally I found Anil Sir & Vinita sitting in middle of road. the day gets hot, dusty & crowded. really very memorable jam..Thanks to anil sir & Vinita for support.

Then we move to Coffee on canvas..had great time there. met regular jammers.Dinesh, Shariq, Atif,Chandra, Dayal & Vijendra.

My works from yesterday’s ur works here of last jam.

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  • Tried few face studies @ COFFEE ON CANVAS.......


    • Cool faces, Vijendra! :)

  • Very nice sketches of a laid-back jam, Mohan! The girl with the laptop is spot on. The auto is a beauty. We should do more jams in coffee houses :)

  • Beautifuuuuuuullllll!! Loved it all!! The one from Koyembedu...chennai right?? Very clean lines yet says it all...... Thats by Ramya?? Very very nice!! Superb work by you guys....what about others?

  • 3275378981?profile=originalI didn't attend the jam, but wanted to sketch market scenes. So here's one from the CWA's Koyembedu market jam reference pics.

    • wonderful work Ramya..lovely lines ..
    • Great lines, Ramya! Love the composition too.

      Oh, and you should put this up for CD's Market topic :)

    • This is just lovely Ramya !

  • 3275379041?profile=original

    • Thank you so much Aditi, Prabha Mam & Ramya .................

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