• Ramya...your selective use of colour has worked well in your sketch. The proportions and character of the building are well brought out. And, your quick sketch of Anil is very nice.

    • Thanks Balaji.

    • Nice clean lines in the building sketch! good people study!

    • Thanks GS.

    • Ramya I love the way you have done the building . That touch of green gives it a nice 'fresh' effect .

      The gestures also have come out well .

    • Thanks the green window shades were really charming. I just had to add green. :)

  • very nice building with proper lines n lovely gesture's too...... 

  • Very nice sketches Anil, both the one of the building, and the gesture sketches too.

    • Thanks Balaji!

  • Lovely sketches, can't wait to be back in Bangalore!
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