• Love the style! Nandita yourpainting is fantastic!! Just one question, why is the top of thetree cut? Wouldlove to see more of your paintings!
    • Thanks for the praise Vasanthi, I cut the tree as it was growing into the branches of a mango tree, and anyway, it did not taper, but was trimmed on top  with four little shoots coming out.

  • The soldier sketch is brilliant Anil. I saw the time you took to draw it also. I have to learn lots there. And Dinesh and Kehaan sketch also, minimum lines but so clear.

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    • Here's my sketch from Sunday.

    • Nice sketch! The bird sitting on the tank is a nice touch.

    • Thanks Balaji. There was a mynah hopping around.

    • Good one Ramya
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    • Good one.. You have a way with trees
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