• Anil, your sketches look wonderful.. The first day, I think you had uploaded only the pencil sketch.. I remember you were doing some gesture sketches too.. 

    • Thanks Shalini. I just did not get down to scanning and uploading them. I will do so over the weekend. 

      I had uploaded both and it looked as if one sat over the other. When you clicked on the visible one, the other popped up - as Ramya let me know!

  •  Very nice sketches Anil .

    • Thanks Prabha!

  • Lovely sketches! Looks like a great jam.

    • Thanks GS, it was.

  • Anil, I can see your other pen sketch when I click on this pencil sketch! The way you have done shadows with water on soluble pen outlines is lovely.

    • That is a neat trick by Ning! Yes indeed, wonder ho it happened. Will try to make both visible at the same time, later in the day.

  • My sketches from yesterday's jam (intended to clean them up a bit, but couldn't really spoil them more.. :))

    Warm up gestures


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