• Buildings must be as much looking forward to bringing out their personas in a Dintoon! 

    • Thanks Dinesh.

      Do you want to draw toony buildings or more true to life? I would love to see either (or both) from you!

    • Toony, anyday!! :D But would like to understand/practice more the principles of perspective and apply them to toony boxes (which are what, i think, most buildings are).

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    Two sketches from today

    First one a channapatna laquer toy stall at the Rangoli Metro Art center. He was spinning a top on his open palm while kids and adults alike watched enthralled by all the toys on offer. I would like to setch it again , for correcting the hand gestures. Waiting for ref pics from Nandita.

    Second one is view of the Cafe coffee day outside the main entrance of MG road metro station.

    Thank you for viewing. It was a lovely penciljam at a new interesting venue. Would love to go up to the flower boulevard next time.

    •  Both the sketches have come out well. Can see the smile on the toy sellers face,enjoying the attention of the onlookers I suppose :)

    • Nice sketches Ramya, saw the toyseller  being done - live.  Have posted the pics in The Photograph.  The walkway above is yet to get the name 'boulevard' as the plants bouganvilla and geraniums still have to establish themselves.  However great bamboo on the army grounds behind.  Also you get seating in the shade, and a top view of MG Road.

    • The Toy Seller has come out pretty well! It's lovely how you have highlighted the toys and the shades using a few colours while leaving the rest of the composition just be..

    • Thanks Shalini !

    • Honest sketches, Ramya. Was good to see this while you were drawing :)

    • Thanks Din!

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