WDC @ Venkatappa Art Gallery 21 July 2013

The rain behaved well today and lots of us gathered in and around the government museum and the sheltered canteen area.

Sculptures, Trees, Different perspectives of the bright red museum building and the towering UB city building were some sketch subjects today.

Lots of old time regulars turned up, and the perennial autorickshaw at the museum was there too.

Please share your sketches from todays jam in this thread. Thanks!

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  • What a great jam it was! met wonderful artists. looking forward for next sunday jam...
  • Dhurba, fantastic works!! Love the free style....the colors are beautiful!! Loved the second one pillar with a. Vaze likestuff...superb!!

    I am a little lost..on my Ipad...how do i upload my paintings? I am so comfy with a PC i am away from home and on my IPad...any help is welcome..

    • Hi Vasanti... it is quite easy.. 

      1) Click on top right hand corner of penciljam safari page on iPad.. switch to desktop view and sign in

      2) you will find upload file option "choose file" also now enabled for reply option.

      3) it will take you to option " take photo or video" or "Choose existing" option

      Trusting this will help

  • went for sunday morning sketching yesterday after a long time and it always feels good. though the sketching location was at Government Museum, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Bangalore, which itself is a beautiful architectural element, i decided to capture the distant modern architecture of the UB City mall. i personally am not very much fond of modern architecture, however i found this view interesting with the top of the highrise building rising above the lush green trees on a windy and gloomy day where the sun was playing hide in seek all the time.

    medium: watercolor on sketchbook
    size: 10" H x 7" W
    time: 90 Min approx.
    source: live


    this is the 2nd sketch i did that day, i am not sure what is called but it has beautiful volumetric motif on the surface of the huge red vase and there are two goat faces facing opposite. its kind of glows under the sun with dark foliage behind! tried again using a brown packaging paper with water color and white gouache [poster color] and it sure is fun!

    medium: watercolor and white gouache [poster color] on brown packaging paper.
    size: 8" H x 7" W approx.
    time: 45 min. approx.
    source: live

    i had great time meeting some old time jammers as well as the new faces after a long time :)!!

    • Love your work Dhruba, I feel with you paint brushes u give the subjects a special treatment that makes it a joy to view them :)

    • Dhruba...These are so very nice. It is a pleasure to view them.

    • Hi Dhruba,

       If you don't mind I call you as "one of the God of water colors"( like Sachin is God of cricketrs). I missed that Sunday when you came to PJ. Pls let us know in advance I want to learn a lot form you. that PJ I will never miss it!!


  • Wonderful! Wonderful Guys! So nice to see all your works!! The feeling of drawing plien air is simply fantastic! I always enjoyed my 'outings' and made some of my best paintings then!!

    Waiting to bebback and join all of you!!

    Happy drawing!
  • Here is m-i-n-e....Had a wonderful jam yesterday...weather also supported well..y'day i was very happy to met Dhruba muzumdar....Thank you guys....:-)


    • Very nice work Mohan . I like the shading and the details expressed in your work.

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