WDC @ Venkatappa Art Gallery 21 July 2013

The rain behaved well today and lots of us gathered in and around the government museum and the sheltered canteen area.

Sculptures, Trees, Different perspectives of the bright red museum building and the towering UB city building were some sketch subjects today.

Lots of old time regulars turned up, and the perennial autorickshaw at the museum was there too.

Please share your sketches from todays jam in this thread. Thanks!

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    • Nice sketching. Gives an old building effect.

  • 3275376739?profile=original3275376874?profile=originalHere are my sketches from today.

    • Good sketchs Ramya........If UB Tower be in one complete sketch, that could be better...

    • Thanks Mohan, true :) I should learn to thumbnail before making the whole structure.

    • While both sketches are nice I am fascinated by the first one.

    • Thanks Balaji. George was explaining the three different themes( worship,god,war) he noticed on all such stupas.

    • Very nice sketches Ramya. Is the first one kind of a stupa with engravings on it?

    • Thanks. Yes they hv placed some sculptures, stupas outside where natural light falls on them. This one had lovely detail. I should try again.

  • 3275376543?profile=original

    • The right hand top area with the trees and his face is very interesting. You managed to sketch his sketch too :)  keep going!

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