Weekend Penciljam goes Virtual!

We had our first virtual jam this morning! Apart from some teething troubles we settled in quickly. I think many of us have been missing our weekend drawing meetings.


From the virtual Jam today, the first image shared was of a forest, quite a difficult subject. Many jammers got done with it quite quickly. (See more completed works in the gallery.) 


Adityas work :https://penciljammers.com/photo/penciljam-20200607


Sonalis work :https://penciljammers.com/photo/img-20200607-162513


The second image was of a farm, looks simple but definitely not the case once you start drawing it. The density of things in the foreground wall is amazing! (See more works in the gallery.)


During this crisis, it is very important that we continue to draw :) Simply because it helps us think, engage and create. Keeping our minds engaged, not just with our day to day work, but with activities that give us a break from the working mindset.  

The ‘curiosity hat’ we wear as we try to solve -- the material we want to use, how we depict light and shade, the foliage -- these questions engage our mind to problem solve. Just as the strokes help us realise how important playing around with the medium is, to find a solution. The point is we are enjoying ourselves while figuring out how to draw. It's not about doing the perfect sketch - it is the act of sketching itself.    

If you are interested to join our next session, please look out for the announcement under events. We will be announcing the next one on Friday e.o.d. If you would like to share the images for the next jam please email it to draw at penciljam dot com. 

We started at 11:30am and stopped around 2:15pm, definitely an hour is too short. Here are few of the faces that lasted till the end.Thank you for the lovely Jam! 


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  • So good to see ! Lovely pics:) 

    • Join us this coming Sunday @prithi. We will try and have it a bit earlier.

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