Virtual Weekend jam - 02


A perfect start to this week. The Sunday jam started at 11am with many enthusiastic jammers. We worked on the theme of street vendors, here are few works done during the jam:

5974963880?profile=RESIZE_400x5974983673?profile=RESIZE_400xThis was the first image a portable kiosk, it looks simple but look again. Do you see the number of things the vendor is selling. That is a lot to draw and a challenge to solve. The second image was this a flower seller.

The typical weekend jams were filled with conversation. By the time we moved to the second image conversations had picked up in this virtual session, which was a nice & familiar space. So here is a note to the next jam/jammers - Please feel free to speak up while drawing, about anything really, few of the jammers will participate while others listen. Don't force either. If you are a beginner or just curious, when you feel comfortable ask questions about approach, others process, tools used, tips and tricks. The ultimate reason for us to get together is to draw, and it's absolutely fine doing just that in silence with the company of others. 

5975827253?profile=RESIZE_710xI was happy and surprised to see so many jammers, there were between 16-18 jammers for the entire session. I am very glad you made it to the virtual jam! Please do not forget to upload your work when done. See you all next Sunday! Thank you :)

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  • It was fun ! Looking forward to next Sunday 


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