WDC @ Bannerghatta National Park Oct 20th'13

Hurray! We met our other companions of life today :D Yes! Hippo's, Pelicans, Peacocks, Cockatoo's , Big cats and more ! We had a lovely time taking this journey, here are few pictures to summarize the fun. Sketches will be up soon! 

3275206600?profile=originalWe started with the all famous dosa :)

3275206859?profile=originalThe Discussions begin!

3275207458?profile=originalWe all had to step into this water before entering, some kind of antiseptic to kill germs we could take in. 

3275207582?profile=originalThe stars :P

3275207973?profile=originalAnd the companions :)

3275208218?profile=originalThe Pelikans : This felt like old people having a group discussion.

3275208264?profile=originalDrawing this is a challenge! I know Amit thinks it's a piece of cake!

3275208377?profile=originalThis guy was out there , luckily not many people stopped by to stare at him !

3275208399?profile=originalWe took a short tea break, George documenting Amit's amazing gestures!

3275208476?profile=originalDintoons's awesome point of view :D 

3275208570?profile=originalNandita's brilliant pen and watercolour works - Phew hat's off! she actually got those colors out :)

3275208551?profile=originalNone could stop sketching during the break!

3275208498?profile=originalWent back for round two..


Before heading out, we met again and exchanged notes and sketches.


Then it was time for lunch at 2:30 


Got some profiles during lunch, Dayal, Nandita, Mohan and Nandita Saha :)


Yes, a sneak peak to our sketches....

3275208740?profile=originalNirupam and george you missed the group pic :(

Anyway, Thanks all! For a great day. I dint upload many animal images, trust me the sketches everyone did captured more! So go ahead and post them :)

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    • Thanks Dinesh - tho' looking at everyones' professional looking gestures - I have alot to learn.

    •   Thank you all, - Smitha, Dinesh, Amit, GS, Murali, Balaji Sir, Prabha, Mohan for the appreciative comments.

        @ Smitha I had to work around and aim through the larger diamonds of the fence.  If the subject was a distance from the fence, I could capture it if I was lucky.  Rest was in the editing - cropping the fuzzy areas.

        As Smitha said juggling the camera and notebook was difficult, but a productive day.  Only wish I was able to take out my colours - maybe the waterbrush next time.

    • excellent Photographs...first 1 is awesome..well captured.

    • Great Photographs ....Thanks for sharing them ..

    • Wonderful clicks Nandita!! 

    • Beautiful shots !!

    • Splendid photos! Good to revisit the animals again :)

    • These photos truly engages the viewer and draws for a virtual participation!

  • Early morning saw us packing up and heading to Bannerghatta National Park to sketch them animals and birds. Many of us went in the official cabs which Penciljam had kindly arranged, and many more turned up on their own. The Park was host to assorted peacocks, bears, snakes, crocodiles, leopards, giant squirrels, hippos, and birdies of all sizes, shades and personalities. The macaws were especially a noisy lot. There was a butterfly park too which a few of us, including me, sadly missed sketching. Hope the ones who did visit post a few sketches. Breakfast and lunch at nearby open-air cafes were great, and the day ended with happy photos of jammers and their awesome sketch books. A request to every jammer who sketched anything at all: please post them in this discussion here. Thanks to Smitha and George for neatly organizing this trip.

    Below are a few toony sketches of mine. Special thanks to Sony for generously sharing those awesome DQ One-Minute Doodle books :D  


    The day starts off with some energizing snacks!


    George going gaga over Amit's deliciously casual & brilliant sketches.


    The PJ gang after the jam...


    ... and their awesome sketchbooks!


    Thanks to Sony Salma for sharing these delightful little doodle books! :D


    The seated munching bear looked exactly the way it's drawn, almost human-like!


    This was all the more creepy when it lay still.


    Got this fairly right after endless discussions, analysis and photo refs with Sony and Aditya. And some toony variations.


    These fellas looked cute sitting in a row ^_^


    The lazy leopard almost blended with his surroundings.


    Elegant is the word. Waiting to see Amit's beautiful version of the same tree.


    Baldy was more enthu and energetic than the kids.


    One of the Gharials had his snout cut off, ouch :( Not seen in pic)


    Gharial foster-baby :)


    The chimp looked more like a lion-FACED macaque :P  

    Who would've thought there would be black cranes..!!


    And a parting shot from George :)

    Thanks to all penciljammers for making this yet another memorable jam :)

    • Wow Dinesh ....Amazing work and photographs ....!!!   The way you can resist yourself from going into the details and bring out the drawing with shapes is awesome...Have to learn a lot from you :-)

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