WDC @ Bannerghatta National Park Oct 20th'13

Hurray! We met our other companions of life today :D Yes! Hippo's, Pelicans, Peacocks, Cockatoo's , Big cats and more ! We had a lovely time taking this journey, here are few pictures to summarize the fun. Sketches will be up soon! 

3275206600?profile=originalWe started with the all famous dosa :)

3275206859?profile=originalThe Discussions begin!

3275207458?profile=originalWe all had to step into this water before entering, some kind of antiseptic to kill germs we could take in. 

3275207582?profile=originalThe stars :P

3275207973?profile=originalAnd the companions :)

3275208218?profile=originalThe Pelikans : This felt like old people having a group discussion.

3275208264?profile=originalDrawing this is a challenge! I know Amit thinks it's a piece of cake!

3275208377?profile=originalThis guy was out there , luckily not many people stopped by to stare at him !

3275208399?profile=originalWe took a short tea break, George documenting Amit's amazing gestures!

3275208476?profile=originalDintoons's awesome point of view :D 

3275208570?profile=originalNandita's brilliant pen and watercolour works - Phew hat's off! she actually got those colors out :)

3275208551?profile=originalNone could stop sketching during the break!

3275208498?profile=originalWent back for round two..


Before heading out, we met again and exchanged notes and sketches.


Then it was time for lunch at 2:30 


Got some profiles during lunch, Dayal, Nandita, Mohan and Nandita Saha :)


Yes, a sneak peak to our sketches....

3275208740?profile=originalNirupam and george you missed the group pic :(

Anyway, Thanks all! For a great day. I dint upload many animal images, trust me the sketches everyone did captured more! So go ahead and post them :)

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    • Thanks, GS. Glad you like these. Was just having some wild fun :)

    • Hahaha These are great Din. That's a lot of drawing! Love the Macaws. Seems like I didn't get around to drawing half these animals, and my bear looked like a cow towards the end.

    • Thanks, George! True, we didn't get to see many others, esp the elephants :( But each creature was fascinating and deserved a jam of its own. Another thing: Sony's challenge was that I had to fill in at least 25% of my doodle-book and only then i get to keep it, so I went on a tooning frenzy. On hindsight, it seems like a great goal to have for a jam - Decide on a number and get down to just doing it! I know it sounds too-left brained, but it works. Especially for quick gesture studies. :)
      And thanks for posting those awesome fish studies @ the Govt Aquarium last week. The pencil sketches looked SO good, they got me using my real-world pencils again. The pure joy of drawing! :D

    • Great  tooning of the animals =Din.  Good to see more of your work here.  Sony better threaten him next time too!

      It was a good jam, maybe we should study animals a bit more before trying live  sketching, tho' everyone did well.

    • Thanks, Nandita.

      Yes. Post-jam, many of us, esp the realistic sketchers, vowed to study and understand animal antomy better :)

  • Nice photos, waiting to see the sketches :)

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