WDC @ Bugle Rock Park, Basavangudi

Yesterday- a great sunny morning, for a change I was early for the jam at  the Bugle Park,(or as they have labelled it-Bugael Rock Park).   I had never visited  this place before in all the years I have been in Bangalore.  Situated next to the Bull Temple, and having a few small temples in the same  compound.  There is also the senior citizen's centre at the main entrance.

This place has alot of trees, a garden with bouganvillea, greenery, bats, shady arbors and walkways.  And of course, the stone formations, that are scattered around with people, tourists perched on them.

George and Smitha were busy with a workshop at NID. 

I hunted for any early jammers and then ended up painting at the highest point in the park.  I was joined by Ram, a new jammer, who later wandered off to sketch on the pathway.  Next was Aditya, Mohun, the two girls,Dinesh, Shariq, Atif, and Akhila.  Sony joined us much later.  Varun and Shashank joined Atif while he was sketching on the rocks.

A great place to return to, with a nice atmosphere.  A lot of trees and greenery ofcourse!



3275212529?profile=originalThousands of bats have made their homes in the trees here.  Small boys were throwing stones and disturbing them.


3275212950?profile=originalMadhulika and Aparna accompanied by their mother kept me company at the high point.

3275213219?profile=originalDo not disturb artist at work!

3275213294?profile=originalAkhila attending a jam after a long time.

3275213601?profile=originalShariq gets himself in a tight spot between the rocks



3275214073?profile=originalSony explaining single- point perspective backed by Aditya.

3275214029?profile=originalMohan's great sketch of Akhila sketching.

3275214155?profile=originalAkhila posing with Mohans' sketch.

3275214098?profile=originalAll the jammers at the end.  We were joined by two boys Varun and Shashank , who did a couple of amazing sketches, maybe Din can upload the photos, and his toons of them.

3275214181?profile=originalVarun's sketch of the high point.

   Jammers please feel free to upload any photos taken and sketches of the jam here.


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  • Ok I was not at the Rock park :I But i did my weekend session at NID :) 






    Using brush pen and Colour pencils for all :)

    • Wow, that's quite a haul of lovely sketches from NID. Looks like the designer environment of the place inspired you a lot, Smitha :) I like the cool colouring!

  • Very nice pics, as usual, Nandita! And great to see many jammers do toons too :D Looks like the thin air at the mountain-top got to everyone making them light-headed :D I did more than my fair share of tooning, what with Akhilix providing toon fodder by the minute. Special thanks goes to her for the home-made mysore paks too. Managed to ink a few of the many pencil-sketches that i did. Hope to put up more as and when i finish inking. Thanks for viewing!




    • Ha ha ha ha ha! Din this is so funny!

    • Thanks for the inspiration, Akhilix. In spite of a long absence from jams, you haven't lost your comedic touch :D

    • Some of the aforementioned pencil sketches and some pics of jammers @ the Big Rock.




















      Altogether, it was a good jam, ending with sumptuous lunch (pure veg) at Adyar Anand Bhavan. Everyone went home with hearts and tummies full and content. Everyone except Addy, that is :P 

      See you all at the IG Musical Fountain Park this Sunday!

    • Great photos and toons Dinesh.  I saw most of the pencil sketches and yes, last Sunday proved a big haul for inspiration and toons!  Poor Adi u caught the expression on his face so well.

    • Wow! A great report lovely images and superb toon din!! 

      I love them!!

    • Thanks, Smitha! It was fun. Expect to see more such toon reports of future jams ;D

  • Wow! Looked like I missed a great jam and location :I 

    Thanks for the lovely photos and write up Nandita, i can almost hear the conversations between the jammers :) 

    I managed to do a few sketch at NID will upload them as my jam for this weekend :P 

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