WDC @ Madiwala Lake Oct 27th'13

We sketched at the Madiwala lake today. Some jammers had turned up at 7.30. Not me. I landed there at my usual regal ass time at 11 am, and as always there was a story brewing.



Nandita had brought along a little mat and had already painted 3 compositions by then.


Studious Smitha had found her perch.


The lake had plenty of birds, though it was already noon and many of them were hiding in the water hyacinth that was all over the place.


Mohan's lovely sketch


Surendra's intricate pen and ink washes.


I pulled out my trusty set of children's wax crayons and dashed off a quick study of a clump of trees on a distant island.


The birds caught my attention. Here are a few quick gestures that I captured.


Then 3 kids come along swinging a catapult. I hand out some art material, and a little conversation later, I gather that one of them hit an Indian Pond heron (I think) with their WMD. The poor thing could'nt fly so was hiding out in the vegetation.


See the elevated, luminous angel? He's the one who shot the bird. The other two were very concerned about the bird, and convinced me to investigate.


So we hire a boat, and off we go to find the bird. A little pedaling later, we found it, but could not get near. The bird saw us coming, and scuttled deeper into the vegetation. So that was the end of that.


I get back to drawing, and try my hand at a quick oil pastel sketch. Bleuh.


The second one of the pathway by the lake is marginally better. Mental note to investigate oil pastels in depth, but for the moment that distant rumble needs attention. Lunch!


We find a little Punjabi Dhaba, a crowded little hole in the wall. The food was surprisingly good. I whipped out a quick gesture while we waited for our Thalis to turn up. I should not have ordered that Lassi though. They served it to me in a water tank.


Very full, I waddled back to the lake with the others, very determined to draw one more sketch. 

By 4pm, the rotis and Lassis were calling me to bed, so I called it a day.

We should visit this place again, and try the other direction next time. Apparently it has a nursery which may be fun to explore. Also no lurking lovers who give you the shock of your life, just when you think you found a good spot to draw in.

I missed a lot of jammers because I came in late. Anyone else shoot some pictures?

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    • Thanks Rahul, Smitha, Murali -for the birds names, (by the way I checked out the links to all your lovely photos.)  Dinesh -  glad that George Smitha and I could help out with the weekly DrawToons topic.

    • Ah, lovely reference pictures, Nandita! I think I'll have a Virtual jam at the Lake with these :D

      The Rescue Squad pic was exactly what I needed to complete THIS here topic, thanks :D

    • Beautiful clicks Nandhita. 

      Love the kids photos and birds also. The night heron is flying away in one of the pics.

      Name of the birds you asked is Purple swamphen. 

    • Beautiful captures of the birds Nandita! :)

    • Nandita, what a treat! You really should've been armed with a SLR... you got such wonderful shots of those birds.  Also love your pic of PJ'ers to the rescue and the other pics, thank you!

    • Welcome Prosenjit, the birds were obliging enough to nest and hunt for food at the edge of the lake.

      @ GS, Obviously they have cleaned up this lake, and are quite particular that money be collected for the cameras, and the entrance(after 9.30 am), which they must be using for maintenance.  Maybe next time WDC can explore more.

    • Lovely Photographs Nandita! Your great at it! 

      I was wondering how you got to shoot soo many birds! I dint even get 1 :( So its a must to be there early if i need to capture them. Looking forward to your sketches!

  • Wow George! Great exploration. You would have a rich dairy content today! Pastels rock!

    Love your well composed clicks! 

    • Thanks Murali. My sketchbook contains more studies than actual finished work. 

      I cannot shoot for nuts you know? Someone recently pointed out that my old point and shoot will display a grid which can help me compose with rule of thirds. I do this whenever I remember to now. Still bad though :)

  • Nice clicks and story ...The two kids and the "luminous angel" were a great subject to toon..I am sure if Dinesh would have been there he would have surely got them tooned ...The place is  very beautiful place to spend the whole day....I also came late but was able to do quick pen and watercolor was and a sketch........there is the watercolor sketch ,,3275389364?profile=original

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