WDC @ Nrithyagram-15/03/2015

   Yesterday morning saw a whole lot of eager fresh-faced jammers on two vans heading for Nrithyagram - something a lot of us had been looking forward to for the past week.  The new and first time jammers outnumbered the old ones.  It was a great turnout, and we were joined by a couple more jammers at the dance school.

   After a stop for breakfast, we reached the place after a long drive.  An introduction speech, to the jammers, and we entered Nrithyagram.  Each person walked around to soak in the atmosphere and then found his or her spot, to start their sketch or painting. 

   Like the last time, a number or jammers went into the Gurukul to watch the senior dancers being coached by danseuse Surupa Sen.  This time the school was a bit quiet as the exams were starting the next day- no coaching in the dining area, and no afternoon classes for children from the nearby villages.

3275218998?profile=originalAt the breakfast stop.

3275219265?profile=original3275219517?profile=original3275219564?profile=original3275219714?profile=originalEager jammers.

3275219883?profile=original3275220072?profile=original3275220321?profile=original3275220480?profile=originalI do not know how Adithya ended up in most of my photos.

3275220528?profile=originalAddy in his sketch-pen phase

3275220683?profile=original3275220708?profile=original3275220806?profile=original3275220846?profile=original3275220891?profile=originalNirupam sketching

3275221032?profile=original3275221217?profile=original3275221390?profile=originalYoung models

3275221330?profile=originalPied Piper! Dinesh was surrounded by kids the moment he made himself comfortable -so here he is keeping them busy.

3275221615?profile=original3275221695?profile=original3275221925?profile=original3275222124?profile=originalPainting was hard work!

3275222081?profile=originalA guest appearance by Soman.

3275222045?profile=originalMohan with his beautiful watercolor

3275222166?profile=originalAnupama's innovative home-made palette!  And her painting of the guest cottage.

3275222202?profile=original3275222187?profile=originalThere were a whole lot of jammers who were sketching and painting at the amphitheatre, who I did not get to click.  Dhruba and Smitha after their session.

3275222258?profile=originalDisplaying the work at the end of the jam.

3275222224?profile=originalOur hosts keeping a record of our work.

3275222245?profile=originalCLICK - Caught the photographer.

Jigar was clicking tons of photos while we were painting, and we hope to see some of them here, or a link to view them.  Also, Jigar would it be possible to put up the group photo here?

Smitha, I've started this report and hope that the jammers upload their work individually and in this thread too.

Jammers, feel free to use the photos I have uploaded, and do add any photos you have clicked here.

I have not given any intro to Nrithyagram as some of us had been there before on the first jam.  Here is Anil's discussion :-    penciljammers @ Nrithyagram-2014

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  • I was finally able to transfer the images to a computer :) I headed straight to the auditorium.

    3275415586?profile=originalAs we entered the beautiful campus of Nrityagram we were greeted by these flowers. They also have a great scent. A bit strong but fine from a distance :D

    3275415747?profile=originalI knew the campus from the last visit and was waiting to draw this auditorium and capture the colours :) I used water colour but with emphasise on colour not the medium.

    3275415893?profile=originalOnce I was done I went around to see the masters at work. Nilesh deep in his work.

    3275415831?profile=originalDhrubha Lost in his magical world.

    3275416026?profile=originalSagar joined in later found an interesting angle for his drawing.

    3275416082?profile=originalAll the jammers at work.. Pratima and Usha

    3275416219?profile=original3275416140?profile=original3275416267?profile=originalThis group deep in a discussion

    3275416289?profile=originalSoman sporting a new look :)

    3275416245?profile=originalCould not miss this composition :D

    3275416194?profile=originalA tired Ojas

    3275416366?profile=originalEveryone ready to move after the mini exhibit. Thanks to all the jammers for making this happen. I thoroughly enjoyed it :D

    • Thanx Smitha and Dinesh, Smitha, good that you could upload your pics finally, saw your rendition of the amphitheatre before of course.  Initially I thought it was a pastel work.  Loved your angle of the sleepers, and all the pics of the jammers in action!

    • Nice captures, Smitha. Good to revisit the place through these pics :)

  • Loose watercolors - I am uploading a couple of paintings, the flower and the guest cottage was sketched at Nrithyagram and painted later.  The mosquitoes were troubling me in the shade.

    3275415908?profile=original3275415895?profile=originalThe next sketches were done during and after last July's session. 

    3275415832?profile=originalWhen we passed the blue barn on the Hessargatta route to Nrithyagram, I had taken a photo of the barn with the freshly tilled field.  (The photo is more striking).

    3275416106?profile=originalThe Blue Barn

    • 'The Blue Barn', especially, is a striking painting! Love those rich earthy hues complemented by the greens... I'm reminded of bands of colors I've seen in satellite pics of Dutch tulip fields, and I wonder if that blue barn is an apiary. In the Araku valley at least, one gets to see little boxes painted in that very rich blue, placed in rows next to 'fields of gold' (couldn't resist channeling Springsteen here :P.. but what I really meant was fields of sunflower). Really like that watery, amorphous sky.

    • Wow Nandita, I love the blue barn! One of your best :)

    • Lovely works, Nandita! The colours are striking in the second one. The fourth one's fields are brilliantly done!!

  • 3275416564?profile=originalAnother one done on the same day .!!!

    • Great work amit!Nice blend of different strokes here.

    • Classy work, Omit!! A pleasure always to view your work ^_^

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